Friday, January 18, 2008

RMS came here!!!

Today, I participated a lecture from Richard M. Stallmann or RMS. RMS is the founder of GNU free software foundation. Actually what he did in those days was a great turning point of software world. It lead way to have freedom to share softwares with friends , modify as we needed for all people . He is a strange man with a big belly and a long hair. I think his some ideas are extreamist ideas. But what he started is realy great thing.
I came to company at about 8.40am to go to SLIIT for participating RMS's lecture. But we went from the company at about 10.30am. All of our training group except Nimal went to the event with Dilum ayya, Dilan ayya and and Dilshan ayya. He told us about why software freedom is neccessary and what free software means. At the end, i took a photograph with him. I also met & talked with Dr. Shahani Weerawarna at the lecture. It was realy a great experience to meet such a great pioneer in software field.
Here is photo with RMS, Me and Praithees.


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