Tuesday, January 8, 2008

War and Terrorism

Although I wished you a happy new year on last blog post, from the January 01, It seems we are not having a very good year. On January 01, New year 2008 started with the news of assasination of UNP(United National party or so called main opposition party of Sri Lanka) MP , Mr. T. Maheshawran at a Kowil in Colombo. The Next day became another sad day by the explosion happened in Slave Island which targeted at an ARMY bus which carried sick soldiers to the hospital. These disasters proves again and again the cruelty of the terrorism and give the message that all of people should assemble against the terrorism and defeat the terrorism. Today, In the morning we had another sad news. A Claymore mine has exploaded in Ja-ela. It's target was Minister D. M. Jayarathna and he died due to the severe injuries happened by the explotion.
Terrorists only know one language, that is the war. But same time we should find and solve the problems of Tamil peoples. I wish our armed forces defeat the LTTE terorrists and unite our mother land before dawning of next year.


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