Sunday, May 3, 2009

Swine Flu [Influenza A(H1N1)] Outbreak 2009

The 2009 swine flu outbreak is the epidemic of a new virus strain of influenza A ( H1N1) virus, which is commonly called the swine flu. It is currently a phase 5 outbreak, one level below an official pandemic. Currently Mexico, USA and some European countries such as UK are the countries which are mainly affected by the Swine flu.
The Spanish flu which spread throughout the world in 1918 is also caused by a strain of same H1N1 virus. Spanish flu is estimated to have affected nearly one billion people which was more than half of then world population and it is estimated that 70 to 100 million peoples were killed. In 1976, there was another outbreak of swine flu (Influenza A or H1N1 virus), but it was limited to Fort Dix in USA.

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